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I had a very difficult infancy (and before)–my mom miscarried twice before she had me, almost lost me when I was 5 months along, and then after I was born I was hospitalized twice for pneumonia (10 months old and 18 months old), the latter with double pneumonia. That may be an important part of the reason I support these two charities strongly:

  • Give Kids the World VillageIf you live in or visit Central Florida, I strongly suggest you take part of a day and volunteer there, at least once.
  • CHOC Walk (CHOC) – Faye and I have participated in the CHOC/Disneyland Resort Walk in the Park to raise money for CHOC for several years now, and we consider it one of the most important and valuable ways we serve all year.


Faye and I with Pam Landwirth,
President of Give Kids the World
The 2011 Babes in Disneyland CHOC Walk Team!