[quote style=”1″]”I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to work with a Life Coach. I felt like I mostly ‘had it together’ and wasn’t sure what Life Coaching had to offer me. I was surprised with how practical and actionable everything we did was – Randy always had something for me each week that was genuinely useful in both my work life and home life. What I gained from Life Coaching is a very specific set of tools that I can apply to situations to determine if something is a good fit for how I am designed. This isn’t a training course where you put the book on the shelf when you’re done and have forgotten about it a month later – I’ve gotten insight about myself that I’ll never forget, and that I use in the real world all the time.“[/quote] ~ Andrew B.

[quote style=”1″]”An incredible listener, Randy is highly skilled at synthesizing information, summarizing it succinctly, sprinkling in some thought-provoking anecdotes, and using this formula to help his clients focus and move forward. I was amazed at the end of each coaching session how much progress we had made in an hour and a half and our conversation had me thinking all week. I really appreciated Randy’s patience with and willingness to work with my busy schedule. At the same time, he set mandatory deadlines for me, assigned very relevant “homework” assignments and was firm about completing all of the coaching sessions by a particular date, which forced me to act on/flesh out/internalize the ideas that were generated during our coaching sessions. My coaching experience with Randy has empowered me with the tools I need to create a meaningful future for myself, including a set of goals and a life plan to help achieve life balance and create the life that I dream of for myself.”[/quote] ~ Carlyn O.

[quote style=”1″]“Where we’ve been the last few months have helped me strongly to move forward, and to survive and believe that there is hope….You have been very, very empathetic….It was like you were being in two places at one time. One time you were there with me. The other time you were ahead and you were sympathizing with me where I was but you were calling me to go somewhere ahead….I definitely believe God has equipped you….From where I started, I don’t think I got what I went in expecting, I got something better. I went in expecting a screwdriver; instead I got a whole tool chest.”[/quote] ~ Jeremy J.

[quote style=”1″]“Kind and humble, does not flaunt his intelligence, yet he is exTREMEly so… great conversationalist, he does not listen with the intent of what HE will say next, he listens to understand and share…. amazing friend… more than anything, he loves and follows Jesus PLUS his words match his actions…”[/quote] ~ Robyn B.


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