Randy Crane is a highly regarded speaker, presenting engaging and thought-provoking messages on a variety of topics. Please contact Randy directly for all speaking inquiries and questions via the Contact Form. To learn more about Randy and what he has to offer for your event first, please see the Media Kit.


Featured Topics

  • “Once Upon YOUR Time” – If you truly want to regain control of your time, these 7 strategies (based on my book of the same name) will help you do just that. What makes this presentation unique? Disneyland Park serves as the inspiration and illustration for each one!
  • “Faith and the Magic Kingdom” – Discovering and exploring the lessons and illustrations of the Christian life found in the stories, attractions, and designs of the original Magic Kingdom, Disneyland.
  • “Who Does God Think You Are? – Our view of God, His view of us, and how those help us define–and experience–success and significance.
  • “Princess Perspectives – Whether you’re facing fear, insecurity, or are just feeling “stuck,” a change in perspective can make all the difference. The stories of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Belle as told at Disneyland will bring that fresh perspective you need.



[quote style=”1″]“I just heard Randy deliver a message in our company’s monthly chapel, and what I heard was someone not only speaking from the Word of God, but speaking with personal conviction.  His message moved us all from knowledge to understanding to action, motivated not by guilt or achievement, but by a better understanding of who God is and who we are.  I trust that God will be using Randy mightily for His kingdom in the years ahead!” – Alan C., Provision Ministry Group chapel coordinator[/quote]


[quote style=”1″]“A very talented drummer, writer and speaker. I heard some of the most thought-provoking sermons ever while attending the church in Del Amo where Randy served as pastor.” – Carlyn O.[/quote]


[quote style=”1″]“Analytical without being anal. Able to know he is right without being cocky or arrogant, and even willing to learn from the exchange. I guess that means he is willing to become more right. But again not with arrogance. Randy is the same person in and out of the pulpit. There is no face or persona. He lives what he preaches and preaches what he lives. He constantly seeks to hone his craft, perspective and life. His sermons are relevant to his audience and true to the word.” – Tyson B.[/quote]


[quote style=”1″]“Randy has a way with words and is very attentive and wise with life! His sermons were always relative and very interesting with great points to reflect on throughout the rest of the week…. one of the best speakers I know!” ~ Amber P.[/quote]