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DISC Personality Profile + 1 Hr. Debrief

  • Automated, online availability with results provided immediately for you to download and save.
  • Multiple graphs on how you can view yourself and how others experience you.
  • Fun components, such as a historical character match (are you more like Ghandi or George Washington?), Career Style (see how your personality affects how you are in the workplace), and an Action Plan to help you better communicate with others.

INCLUDES a 1-hour private review and de-brief session with Randy Crane, to help you gain…

  • A better understanding of yourself and others, and how they relate to you
  • Increased appreciation for others, learning to respect and value differences,
  • Awareness of the impact of your own behavior on others
  • Identify your strong and weak behavioral characteristics to maximize your personal and professional effectiveness
  • Assistance in career direction and development

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Or purchase the DISC profile alone, without the debrief.

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