Along with being a life coach, writer, and speaker, I am an independent travel consultant, affiliated with and Part of the value I bring to people is connecting them to meaningful, significant experiences, and I do that through travel. In particular, I specialize in Disney destinations & cruises, and in celebration, event, and bucket-list travel.


If you’re just looking for a few days in a hotel for the annual family “we have to go somewhere” or, “let’s go back to the same place we do every year and know it like the back of our hand”, you can do that without help.


But if you’ve got that bucket list place you’ve always wanted to go, or to take the kids to see where their heritage is from, have a family reunion or a special get-together of friends, celebrate a graduation, wedding or anniversary (including vow renewals and destination weddings) or other special event (including becoming debt free!), or just do something you’ll remember for the rest of your life, that is where I come in!


See my Disney travel page if that’s where your interests are, or my comprehensive travel site for your other vacation needs. And don’t forget to subscribe to my enewsletter for specials, travel tips, and great destination information! You can also Like my Facebook page and join the conversation there!

Me with Goofy

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