Give Kids the World – In Their Own Words

It’s a month closer to our Give Kids the World volunteering. Thanks to those who have helped so far, we’re at $218! But we’d like to reach at least $500 in money and supplies to take with us when we volunteer. (For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, see this post for the background.) Well, it’s one thing for me to tell you about Give Kids the World and why they’re worthy of your help & support, what good they do, and why it is so important to us to volunteer with them while we’re on vacation, but it’s another for you to hear it straight from them, from the kids, the staff, and even some of the volunteers.

That is what today’s post is for. Please watch the videos below. After the videos, I’ll ask again for your help to help us Give Kids the World. Take 14 minutes and you can watch them all. If you’re really pressed for time, in 5 minutes you can watch the 3 shortest.

The Videos

First up is Alyssa. Alyssa is a Wish Child who got to spend a week at the Give Kids the World Village. This is her telling her own story.

Next up is Give Kids the World themselves. This is a short video made and posted by the organization telling a little but about who they are and what they do.

Our third video is from another Wish Family. This one gives you a good look at a lot of the Village.

Number 4 is a short one from two volunteers describing their experience. This one really helps me look forward to what we’re going to do.

And finally, we have another video straight from Give Kids the World. This one celebrates 1,000,000 volunteer hours. We get to be part of the next million!

How Can You Help?

At the dedication of Disneyland, Walt said, “… Here, age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. …” Part of Walt’s dream was to give adults a place to relive their childhood and children a place to dream and a future to hope for. 

For the children that come to Give Kids the World Village, many have lost their hope, and their present isn’t a happy childhood, but pain, tests, procedures, and fears. For their parents, there is no reliving fond memories of the past, just trying to survive the day as they watch their child suffer. But for one week, these kids and their parents get to forget about their illness and remember hope. This is a priceless gift that can make life more bearable, can make treatments easier to endure, and in some cases can even save a life.

As I said, Faye and I will be spending a day volunteering, but to us, that’s just not enough. Now that you’ve seen these videos, I hope you agree. If so, we’re asking friends, family, or anyone else who can and would like to help to do one of these things:

    1. Donate Money. When we go for our day of service, we want to bring as much donated money as we can as a gift from us–and from you. Use the button below to donate to a special PayPal account I’ve set up. Any amount is appreciated–whether $2 or $3 or $50 or $100–and you don’t even need a PayPal account if you’re donating via credit card! If you’re near us (or we know each other well enough that you have our address), mail a check–made payable to Give Kids the World. We will combine all the online donations into a single check, and bring it and any other checks we receive to the Village. Of course, we will also include a list of each of your names and how much you donated so they know exactly who this special gift and blessing came from.
  1. Donate Supplies. Help Give Kids The World keep costs down–and smiles up–by donating items from their Wish List. The list includes items needed for their daily gift-giving program, supplies for their Family Entertainment Program and items to help keep the Village sparkling. If we are local to you, we can come pick up whatever you want to donate. For some of the items, you can mail them to us (again, if we know each other well enough that you have our address). Or you can donate money and tell us you want us to use it to buy certain items and we’ll do that. As with the money, we’ll bring with us a list of who donated what.

It would mean so much to us, and would help so many children, if we could go to the Village and tell them, “We’re volunteering for the day, and we’ve also brought all of these donated supplies and money to you because our friends and family care as much as we do about these kids. We’re here representing them, too.” Please, donate today and give us the honor of representing you at Give Kids the World Village. Thank you.

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