Faith and the Magic Kingdom

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Faith and the Magic Kingdom Book Cover

I greatly appreciate your interest in (or even just curiosity about) Faith and the Magic Kingdom. If you click through the links at the left you can see some quotes from the book, read the endorsements, and more. There’s even a video there, but I respect your time and don’t want you to have to click more than necessary, so I’ve also included that video a little ways this page.


Because you’re a Satisfaction Through Christ reader, I have a very special gift for you. If you buy the book from (either as an ebook or paperback), then email a copy of your receipt to, you’ll get a reply within just a few minutes with access information to a special Bonuses page. Not everyone gets this, but you will. On that page, for free, you’ll get access to:


  • PDF of my first bookOnce Upon YOUR Time: 7 Strategies for Gaining Control of Your Time Through a Tour of the Magic Kingdom


  • A 1-hour MP3  “Faith and the Magic Kingdom” audio walking tour of Disneyland. Join me as I visit about a dozen locations throughout the park. You’ll get a bit of the history, the spiritual connection, and enjoy the sounds of Disneyland in the background, all at the same time!


  • The audiobook of Faith and the Magic Kingdom as an MP3. (It’s not available quite yet, but buying now and requesting access to the bonuses page will give you automatic access to it as soon as it’s ready.)


  • And more…


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