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Randy’s delightful (and insightful) book made me want to do two things: (1) Go back to Disneyland with new eyes, and (2) completely immerse myself in the wonder of being God’s child, surrounded by His infinite care and incredible design. This is a new kind of Pilgrim’s Progress—through the Magic Kingdom to the Eternal Kingdom.

Larry Winger
CEO, Provision Ministry Group
avatarWalt Disney created one of the most well-loved places in the world, a part of the fabric of society, when Disneyland opened in 1955. Throughout its history, though, most people have seen it as simply an impressive “amusement enterprise.” In Faith and the Magic Kingdom, Randy does an exceptional job of taking this familiar and fanciful place and showing it to be so much more, drawing from it practical lessons and valuable reminders for a dynamic life of faith. If you’re a fan of Disneyland and a Christian, this book is a must-read!

Pat Williams
Orlando Magic cofounder and Senior Vice President, author of "How to Be Like Walt"
avatarRandy Crane has masterly woven the story of Disney to the story of Scripture to our story. He presents unique perspectives of Disney’s history to biblical application in today’s world. You will find his writing engaging, educational, and encouraging as the Magic Kingdom connects our faith to the Kingdom of God.

Dr. Joseph C. Grana II
Dean, Pacific Christian College of Ministry & Biblical Studies
avatarRandy Crane ingeniously provides what amounts to a Disneyland Devotional, drawing spiritual lessons from life inside the Magic Kingdom to improve our walk with Christ. He uses the attractions, the architecture, the parades, the cast members, the characters, nearly everything about “The Happiest Place on Earth” as the springboard for solid, accessible biblical teaching.

David Koenig
author of "Mouse Tales: A Behind-the-Ears Look at Disneyland"
avatarIf Disneyland is just a fun place for you to go and nothing more, this book will inspire you to “look harder!” I love Faith and the Magic Kingdom because it ties in my faith and my passion for Disney. In fact, it gave me many great things to think about and reflect on. I thought I’d seen it all, but with this book, Randy has opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about one of my favorite places by connecting it to the most important thing in my life—my faith in Christ. Now, let it do the same for you!

Danielle Ernest
author/creator of "Tales of a Disneyland Cast Member"
avatarTo paraphrase a famous Christian hymn: in history Kingdoms rise and wane but God’s Kingdom, with Jesus Christ as its King, shall remain. Author Randy Crane cleverly draws upon ideas in Disney’s Magic Kingdom to illustrate and underscore historic Christian truths and principles. Crane knows both Kingdoms well and shows how Disney’s magic is sometimes a useful metaphor for understanding God’s historic and eternal Kingdom.

Kenneth Samples
author of "7 Truths That Changed the World"
avatarDisneyland is one of the most exciting places on the planet. In fact, it IS the “Happiest Place on Earth!” Millions of people visit annually, many making return trips throughout the year. But few SEE the Park as Randy Crane does. In Randy’s first book, Once Upon YOUR Time, Randy helped us to take control of one our most precious commodities—our time—by giving us key strategies through a unique tour of Disneyland. In Faith and the Magic Kingdom, Randy once again takes us on an inspiring and dynamic tour of the Happiest Place on Earth in a way only he could—by showing us that valuable lessons of faith, and “magical” examples of God’s wonders CAN be found at Disneyland. By backing up biblical scripture with real-life examples that you CAN see while visiting the Resort, Faith and the Magic Kingdom is the perfect companion book to your next Disneyland Resort vacation. It will open your eyes to the wonders God has to offer in a way you never thought possible!

Al Kessel
host of the "Tales from the Mouse House" Disneyland podcast
avatarNo matter what your faith is, you will find Faith and the Magic Kingdom interesting, educational and inspirational.

Lee Cockerell
Executive Vice President (Retired & Inspired), Walt Disney World® Resort
avatarFaith and the Magic Kingdom is a unique gift to Christians who desire to be more childlike in heart yet be deeply immersed in their identity in Christ. It is biblical, applicable, and helps you access the presence of God in a simple way. Start reading it before you vacation at Disneyland with your kids and you will have plenty of spiritual teaching moments to share.

Becky Harmon
Identity Expert and CEO of Successnotsabotage Coaching
avatarMany people view a trip to Disneyland as a way to escape reality for awhile and enter a world of fantasy.  But in Faith and the Magic Kingdom, Randy Crane flips that notion on its head. He uses a place that is known and loved for its escapism to teach and explain Christian doctrine, turning the Happiest Place on Earth into the ultimate picture illustration of Bible truths.

Sue Kisenwether
Disney runner and cohost of the "Anomaly Supplemental" podcast
avatarHaving grown up in Southern California, Disneyland has been a part of my existence: childhood memories, dates with my bride to be, annual passes with my children. I thought I knew a lot about Disneyland until I read Randy’s book. Faith and the Magic Kingdom provides plenty of Disney secrets I never knew (and those are fun!), but more so, this book challenges you to think beyond the pixie dust and “hidden Mickeys” to the real purpose of life. Randy Crane takes you on a tour of “The Happiest Place on Earth,” then brings insight to make you think about the things that bring true happiness.

Brad Dupray
President, Church Development Fund, Inc.
avatarIn the book Faith and the Magic Kingdom, author Randy Crane unites his deep faith in Christ with a love for all things Disney in an intriguingly creative way. While many would not initially see the connection between Disney and Christianity, through personal reflections, scripture and poignant questions, Crane manages to draw parallels that help the reader consider both subjects in a new and thoughtful way. Great for a daily devotional or an afternoon read, Faith and the Magic Kingdom speaks to both followers of Christ and fans of the Mouse.

Kristen Pfeifer
co-host of the "Mousetalgia" podcast
As Paul made God accessible to those gathered on Mars Hill (Acts 17), Randy, in a fresh and surprising way, has used the backstory of Disneyland to challenge seekers and Christ-followers to deepen their faith in God and more fully understand their place in His story. As a Christ-follower and Disneyland alumnus, I was especially encouraged by Faith and the Magic Kingdom!

Tom McGlinchey
Chief Financial Officer, Provision Ministry Group
avatarI grew up playing in Disney World as if it were my backyard and performed in both Disney World and Disneyland. Now I view these oh so familiar places in such a differently enriching way since reading this book! Even though Faith and the Magic Kingdom is about Disneyland, I can see a lot of it in Disney World, too. I will never step inside again without being reminded of God’s purposeful details in my own life, as well as the big picture!

Jennifer McGill
former Mouseketeer, recording artist, and vocal coach

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