You’re Needed to Help “Cultivate” a Garden of Hope

The Beckner FamilyUsually the posts on this blog are about Disneyland and what we can learn from what we experience there. But sometimes we need to step back and look at something more global.


Information, encouragement, and lessons are all great, but we must always ask ourselves what we’re doing with them. Remember, Jesus said, “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” 

I’ve invited some friends of mine who are stepping out into an incredible adventure of faith to share their story with you. Perhaps this will encourage you to “go” yourself, but my true prayer it that you will be moved to support them, financially and in prayer. What they’re doing isn’t easy–but nothing worthwhile ever is.


Beckner family, the floor is yours.


The Beckners are Moving to Thailand!!

Karyn and I had no idea that a seed was planted in our hearts eight years ago on a family trip to visit my parents in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Our “5 family” (the nickname we call ourselves) spent three weeks taking in the Thai landscape and culture, enjoying the smiles and hospitality of the Thai people, feasting on Thai food, and hurting over the darkness of a land held in bondage.


When Karyn and I resigned last fall from the church we have served for the last 12 years, we had no clue to what God was up to, but followed our Lord’s leading out of obedience.  It was a painful decision to leave Samaritan House Fellowship and the people we have grown to love like family, but it was exhilarating to begin to dream of what was next.  Seemingly out of nowhere came growth from that seed in our hearts.


God has called us to move our family to Chiang Mai to share the hope and good news of our savior Jesus Christ in much the same way as we have for the past 12 years… through compassion and love for families in need of new life in Jesus.  We can’t wait to see the fruit that God will not only bring through our ministry in Thailand, but also the fruit that God will bear in all five of us individually.


Karyn, Jonas, Elyssa, Micah and I have the blessing of joining my parents in Chiang Mai and working along-side my dad at The Garden of Hope’s children center. Located in the red-light district of Chiang Mai, the center helps children from poor families and broken homes who are at risk of human trafficking.  This after school program focuses both on their physical and spiritual needs.


 Make OUR Ministry YOUR Ministry

We thank God for each of you our family and our friends from each season of life!  So many of you have made a profound impact on our lives through the years.


We are connecting with you believing that God may be leading you to join us in the life-changing ministry to these precious children, who are vulnerable to the injustices of poverty and human trafficking.   It is going to take a committed team to do this and we are asking you to be a part of it.


Would you JOIN US on our ministry team?


We need faithful prayer and financial partners, so we will take the next step to connect with you again to see if the Lord might be leading you to “make our ministry, your ministry.”


We would be honored and blessed to have you partner with us, as the Lord directs you.


Grace & Peace,
Aaron, Karyn, Jonas, Elyssa and Micah



When do you leave?  We plan to leave in August, but have to be at 100% full support before we board the plane.


How much do you need to raise?  Our goal is to raise$6,500 monthly personal and ministry support, plus additional start-up costs (plane tickets, passports, vehicles, laptops, etc.)


What is Thailand like?  Thailand is known as the “Land of Smiles”.  The people are very kind and friendly.  The country is about 95% Buddhist.  Thailand’s climate is tropical with a rainy monsoon season from June through to November, the cool season is from November through January and January through May is dry and hot.


Where is Chiang Mai, Thailand?


How can You Pray?

– Building our Prayer and  Financial Team
– Traveling this summer to raise support
– Preparing emotionally and physically to move to Thailand

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