Stories of the Magic Podcast – Episode 031 – Rachel Scherr, Part 1

Rachel ScherrStories of the Magic, Episode 31


Interview Guest: Rachel Scherr


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I’m sure some of you have considered calling or writing in to share a story with me, or even say that you’re interested in being interviewed, but you’ve thought, “I’m not famous. I didn’t have a high profile or important job. No one would want to hear from me.” I want you to know that we do want to hear from you. Your stories—and who you are—is valuable. You don’t have to be famous or have a high-profile or “important” job to be on Stories of the Magic.


That’s why I’m very glad to be able to bring to you today Rachel Scherr. She was a College Program Cast Member working at Disney’s Hollywood Studios—Disney MGM Studios at the time—and when she started listening to this podcast, she heard my invitation and took me up on it. It turns out she had some fun things to share and some experiences and insight that are unique to her because she is unique.


So, not only do I hope you enjoy the interview, if you’ve thought about calling or writing in, I hope it will encourage you to do just that.


In this episode, Rachel talks about:

  • Performing at Walt Disney World with her high school dance troupe;
  • Getting into the Walt Disney World College Program;
  • Stories of the Backlot Tour, including learning the attraction, memorizing the spiel, some fun things she did on her tours that were unique to her, being there for the changeout to the current version of the tour (and having to re-learn the spiel);
  • Why attraction narrations are called “spiels” and not “scripts”;
  • How her College Program experience was different from most, mainly from living in the International Program housing instead of the usual College Program housing;



Listen to the episode and see the rest of the Show Notes here.

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